Hi, I’m Allison Walsh. I am here to help you (and lit-up women like you) cultivate your side-hustle business. If you're ready to build abundance and flexibility for your life, your loves, and your clients...I'm here to help!

It’s so very nice to meet you, I’m thrilled you are here.

I started the Wildflower Uprising because I realized I had completely outgrown my corporate career. I was stuck, sort of miserable, toiling at my Plan B job and as a result, living a very un-fulfilling Plan B life. Don’t get me wrong, it was on the surface a lovely life. I had a beautiful house and a dog and lots of amazing friends and a crazy high income. I didn't have my love yet (he came later), but my life was good. Really good. But kind of uninspired. Honestly? I was bored. 

It seemed like being dissatisfied with my life was indulgent. Then I realized I am a Wildflower. And then it all made sense.

Watch my interview with Lou Blaser of Second Breaks to learn more about my journey to The Wildflower Uprising.

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The Wildflower Uprising is a collective of women who ask deep questions and aren’t afraid of traveling wide and far (and IN) for the answers. 

Wildflowers help each other and take care of each other, and fearlessly fight for what they love and want to protect. The Wildflower Uprising is about building your side-hustle business, but ever so much more. It’s about finding a seriously kick-ass inner circle community who all want the same thing for each other: Connection! Magic! Abundance! Joy! Success! There’s no room for jealousy or small, scarcity thinking in the Uprising. It’s a kind, high energy, booty kicking place where your wildest dreams take root and grow!

How to spot a Wildflower:

Life is really good. That's the first thing you will notice about a Wildflower.

A Wildflower is a woman of fierce resolve and beauty, the kind of beauty (inside and out) that runs deep and doesn't compare itself to others. Successful by any measure, Wildflower is smart. Oh yes, super smart. And she’s a great partner (in business and in life). Wildflower is perfectly happy with her age, and knows it’s just a number. She’s a force of nature, all lit up with a little bit of magic thrown in. And she never worries about what other people say or expect of her, only that she makes the world a better place. A Wildflower knows she needs to live this life, hers.

She knows that she is free to develop a business that has heart, that makes a difference, that helps others. And she's certain that working for someone else isn’t the legacy she wants to leave. That life feels...disconnected. 

There’s something that's starting to bubble up, a whisper starting to get a little louder now, and she’s seeking out a new path. She knows she needs to excavate her real calling and then cultivate it. She has no choice, she’s a Wildflower, after all. Wildflowers adapt and grow. She knows that Wildflowers do best when they have other flowers around them. One wildflower in a field is pretty, but a field of Wildflowers, rising up, reaching for the sun together? 

That’s energy shifting, life changing stuff. 


The Wildflower Uprising is where you come to build your legacy business. It's about taking action, being deeply connected, and participating in a community of kick-ass inner circle of women who are just as on fire as you. As a member of the Uprising you will work to excavate and cultivate your best ideas and have access to tools, and a supportive community that helps you turn your passion into brilliant business. 

You CAN build your legacy business, and The Wildflower Uprising curriculum supports you with innovative business tools and advice, inspiration and encouragement, and a unique framework to help you implement your dream business. 

THE FIRST set of Offerings are LAUNCHING SOON. they include: 

  • Participation in a exclusive inner circle of powerhouse women who are lifting each other up and building beautiful legacy businesses

  • Guidance on how to excavate and cultivate your best business ideas

  • Exclusive access to innovative business tools and advice, including and a tailored step-by-step framework for all of the stages of launching and maintaining your dream business

The Uprising is just getting started and early adopters are finding their way to our Wildflower field! The best way to stay apprised of upcoming events is to sign up for the newsletter (below!). That's where all of the announcements and eyes-only information go. 

Allison’s ideas inspire, her quick mind gives way to the deep font of an old soul knowing what lies beneath what you are saying.
— Cathy Mattingly
The loving, witty, sassy voice in my head that reminds me to be kind to myself is Allison’s. She simply is the girlfriend every woman should have.
— Lou Blaser