Hi, I’m Allison Walsh. I am here to help you (and lit-up women like you) cultivate your side-hustle business. If you're ready to build abundance and flexibility for your life, your loves, and your clients...I'm here to help!

It’s so very nice to meet you, I’m thrilled you are here.

I started the Wildflower Uprising because I realized I had completely outgrown my corporate career. I was stuck, sort of miserable, toiling at my Plan B job and as a result, living a very un-fulfilling Plan B life. Don’t get me wrong, it was on the surface a lovely life. I had a beautiful house and a dog and lots of amazing friends and a crazy high income. I didn't have my love yet (he came later), but my life was good. Really good. But kind of uninspired. Honestly? I was bored. 

It seemed like being dissatisfied with my life was indulgent. Then I realized I am a Wildflower. And then it all made sense.

Watch my interview with Lou Blaser of Second Breaks to learn more about my journey to The Wildflower Uprising.

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