I remember when I realized I am a Wildflower. To this day I remember the exact instant when I realized that I’m a gypsy in a static world. I knew I wanted to work with lit-up, awake people (and I knew you were out there). I wanted the freedom to set up my life anywhere in the world I happen to be.

And that's exactly what led me to The Wildflower Uprising. It was a TECTONIC shift and it changed my life forever. 

Hi, I'm Allison Walsh, I am here to help you (and lit-up women like you) cultivate your side-hustle business. If you're ready to build abundance and flexibility for your life, your loves, and your clients...I'm here to help!

My revelation made me understand that I was thinking too small. That it was time for me to finally answer that whisper that was starting to shout, and start helping women build their side hustle businesses, grow a supportive community that pushes each other when warranted, celebrates victories and big wins, and nurtures each other through tough times.  

That’s where you come in, my darling Wildflower. If any of this sounds like you, then you are a Wildflower, sweetie. And we are starting a revolution. If you think you might be ready to break free from your boring career and build a side business that paves the way to freedom, you aren't alone. And are in the right place!

You can do this, I promise. How do I know? Because I did it. I thought it was too late, but whoa mama, it wasn’t. And it’s not too late for you either.  

Not even close. 


A few things about Allison:

  1. I live in Missoula, Montana. The gypsy winds finally blew me back home recently and I tell people if I ever say I’m leaving again, they can tackle me to the ground until I change my mind.

  2. Most of my career since graduating from law school (many moons ago) was spent at Microsoft. I am forever grateful for what I learned and the amazing people I met there. You know how it's ok for you and your siblings to tease your mom, but if someone else says something about her it's knives out and rumble time? Ya, that's how it goes when people criticize Microsoft. Just, ugh, please don't.

  3. I am still friends with people I met in Kindergarten.

  4. I've lived all over the country: DC, Cincinnati, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake. It took me until recently to realize that I'm a gypsy. (My brother, Mike, tells me this was obvious when I was in high school - go figure.)

  5. I never practiced law. Business always was my strong suit.

  6. I absolutely believe everyone has a superpower. I know mine, do you know yours?


I knew before I even finished law school that the regimented rules of practicing law were probably not for me. I am so, very grateful for my degree from Gonzaga School of Law, it's opened so many doors on my work journey. (Not to mention that I met some of my closest friends there, and learned how to handle intense pressure-filled situations that served me exceptionally well in my corporate career.) But the realization that I would be better at business than law was obvious to me by the time I graduated. And since I believe in working to our greatest strengths, my path out of grad school was clear. So it was off to corporate America for me. 

Most of my corporate career was spent at two companies: LexisNexis, where I was a trainer and marketer (and furthered my education with an Executive MBA at Columbia); and Microsoft, where I was also a trainer and marketer. (Again with playing up strengths, no toiling at something I'm not good at to "prove" something going on here!) I had a marvelous sabbatical year away from Microsoft where I served as VP of Marketing & Business Development for a tech startup located in London and San Francisco.

All along the way, I absorbed into my cells how to make a business successful. Of course mistakes were made (where deep understanding and clarity happened), and I figured out that those things which came to me so easily in the business/marketing realm had been learned and earned. I realized that what I know isn't necessarily automatic for everyone. And, most of all, I learned that I love, LOVE to teach people what I know so that their businesses can be successful, too. 

The intersection of all those years working for other businesses, plus my deeply-held belief that everyone has a skill, some level of expertise, that can be shared to help others, means that what I am doing now is my heart's business

When I'm not working with Wildflowers, I can be found stomping around outside with my sweetie and our dog, O'Malley, volunteering for Sundance Film Festival, or scouting out the best craft cocktail in town. (Believe it or not, there are some amazing mix-masters in Salt Lake City!) My heart lives in Montana, where I grew up, but for now I am enjoying the splendor of Utah.