Bring your side hustle into the light

I've been working with lit-up and brilliant Willdflowers across the land who are creating and launching their side-hustle businesses and there is one thing I know for sure...


Completely, ridiculously AHH-mazing. And I've also learned that Wildflowers are unstoppable forces of nature when they put their minds to it. 

But I know this to be true, marches on and those ridiculously amazing ideas can get shelved. Then puppies die. (Just kidding.) But letting dreams die is not only awful but completely avoidable, and simply NOT OK.  


Right. The. Heck. Now.

I know this struggle, because I lived it for (ugh) - YEARS. I had two ideas and I knew they were going to be fantastic. But days turned into weeks, weeks turned into know the deal. Before I knew it, I had let the ideas languish for way, way too long. But they never left me and were returning to my consciousness with more and more frequency. It felt kind of isolating, and I knew that I needed to bring those ideas into the light or I would have wasted all of my potential doing things that were falling short on my best life. 

So, one day, I finally stopped making excuses and got busy rocking my side-hustle. I found my coaches and teachers and mastermind partners and combined what I learned from them with my 20+ years experience in business (and a law degree, and a Columbia University Executive MBA...) and kicked into action to get my side-hustle businesses finally launched.

I want my legacy to be helping my sweet Wildflowers create their side-hustle businesses – that’s why I launched The Wildflower Uprising. I want to bring together this absolutely ass-kicking community that has gathered here. Together, we can make this happen for you. 

Bottom line? You don't need to feel alone or regretful. If you have a business idea (or many) and it's gnawing at you, returning again and again to your conscious thought, then you probably want to get rolling on it. If you're like me, you will regret it if you don't. And, not to worry, because you have me and the rest of the Wildflowers in the Uprising right beside you!

What's next? Sign up for the email newsletters, join us on Facebook, and let's get your idea into the light!


Find your weirdos

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you!
— Dr. Seuss

Do you get paralyzed every time you decide to move forward with your side-hustle, because you know other people are doing something similar?

OK, it's time to knock that crap off, momma.

I realized recently that I am having a hard time getting this concept through to some Wildflowers, so I'm just going to say it again.

Even if someone else is doing exactly the same thing, no one will do it exactly like you.

They have their jam, you have yours. Some clients will like your jam, some will like theirs. Your job is to launch your side-hustle and promote it, so that your weirdos can find you. Because there are no better weirdos than your weirdos. Wildflowers are in the business of building dreams, and nothing is sadder than waking up some day and realizing you have let your dreams atrophy. 

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

I'm issuing a challenge, dear Wildflowers: Think about what you can do in a year. Side-hustles are unique beings because of that whole on the side part. But think about what you can do if you get up an hour early, or forego an hour of TV every day for a year, and in that one hour knock off the list of priorities? (Think if you do both of those things!) Well, within that year you will have your hustle hustling, and there's even time in there for refinements. 

So, get ready, set your goals (side hustle business up and running and bringing in $), and declare your intentions to the world. Because what's on the other side of this year is big, and you will SO wish you had done it if you don't.

Examples of what I mean by declared intentions:

  • I have 12 months to get my side-hustle launched with 3 paid courses online
  • I have a year to get 1000 people on my mailing list
  • My first book will be ready for purchase in 365 days


Start here, Wildflower

1. Turn on music that really gets you rolling. Something upbeat and fun. Now, DANCE. Dance around the room like a crazy person. My go to songs are:

  • Anything from Mumford & Sons
  • Any hair band music. Yep, I own it. 
  • Katy Perry - Roar [don't judge, it's amazing]
  • Fight Song - Rachel Patton
  • Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World

2. Now, turn on some slower, worky-type music. . Here are a few Pandora stations I love to work to:

  • Avett Brothers
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • Jesse Cook (this one doubles for a sexy night in, too!)

3. Now. Sit down (or stand at your stand up desk) and get to work:

  • Set up your blog if it's not already rolling. 
  • If your blog is already up and running, write the next month's worth of blog posts.
  • Set up your marketing automation. Like Mailchimp. 
  • If you have 4 weeks of blog content ready, how does your About page look? The About page is the second most viewed page on most sites, so you want to make it really speak to your ideal customer. (Hint from me to you: Write for the ideal customer and you'll attract the right people.)




The Space Between

I love the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. For most people, it's a natural slowing of the pace, an ending. An easy contraction before the expansion of the beginning of the year to come. Even when I was working in corporate America, it was always marvelous. There were no big meetings, no presentations to get ready for, no major deadlines. 

Room to breathe. Time to reflect. unhurried catch-ups. permission to rest.

This year, this final week is especially reflective in our home. It's been a frenzied couple of years, my fella and I have planted a bunch of business seeds that seem poised to grow in the next twelve months. And, (omigosh! omigosh!) we are taking active steps toward our dream of buying an Airstream and heading out in North America on wheels. 

The idea of expansion followed by contraction has been coming up a lot for me lately. In thought, in conversation. It's a beautiful analogy for the reality of starting a new business. When I first started out, I thought it would be push, push, full-on, flat-out til launch and then BOOM, success! That's how it has worked for me all my life, why not now?

Well...[hahahahaaaa! insert slightly hysterical laughter here.]

Because starting your own business is cyclical.  It's personal. It requires hard work and times when you are in major learning curves, pushing for results, and ticking off all of the million things on the list. And then...quiet. Shhhhh. You take time to process information, see how it's landing, feel how it feels.

You have to step back every once in a while and let it riiiide, momma. 

This cycle hoisted itself into the early business launch process and was CRAZYMAKING for me. I'm all about fast results, hard work, and also...FAST RESULTS!!!

In the beginning, when the ebb/flow of my businesses was ebbing, I was fretting. Big time. I had a lot of "this SHOULD be going faster. This SHOULD be more clear by now"...should, should, should dialogue going on. I now realize I was punishing myself for things that weren't happening according to some invisible, super aggressive, alpha-business timeline. It was exhausting. 

If I had it to do all over again I'd be so much nicer to me in those beginning months. I'd tell myself to do what I eventually started doing: I built in breathing room. And you know what? In those spaces I now create intentionally, the big ideas show up. Like, holy CRAP good and big ideas. One, in particular, happened one day when I forced myself away from the screen and up a hill on a hike with my dog. Ba-BAYUM. There it was. Of course. Would it have shown up while I was hammering away at my desk? Nope. One hundred percent no. 

Expand, contract, repeat, repeat.

See you in the space between, Wildflower!

Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

My man and I have three businesses and two J.O.B.s between us. During the week we are fast-moving ships passing, fighting hard just to have a 45 minute window at the end of the day for a quick catch up. Even Saturdays are dedicated to our pursuits. We are mutually focused on these dreams of ours, and know it’s worth the dedication. 

Fast track to Freedom – A journey to loving my body

Fast track to Freedom – A journey to loving my body

Let’s start here. At this writing I’m 49 years old. I hope it doesn’t take you this long, but if it does, it’s ok. The point is to get here.

Last month, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. It’s an autoimmune disease and in simplest terms it means that my body has been attacking itself, my thyroid to start with and now other systems.And it’s led to all kinds of crazy health issues that made zero sense until now. I wasn’t planning to write about this quite so early in the Wildflower Uprising (and so soon after diagnosis), but I feel called to share, because coming to terms with my body feels like tectonic shift stuff. And if I can come to terms with my body...well, let’s just say this is a massive mindset shift for me and I hope you can have the same breakthrough.

The 5 things you need to do to define your personal brand

The 5 things you need to do to define your personal brand

Do you have a personal brand identity? That was a trick question. You do. Everyone does. Even if you don’t realize it or think it’s important, you’ve got one. So just in case you maybe want to put some thought into it, here’s a little primer.  When I think about personal brand, I can’t help but think about my partner, Isaac. I can guarantee as I write this that he has never, ever had an active thought about his personal brand. But he has one, and a strong one at that. 

Can we stop calling it anti-aging? Five steps to live your best life right now.

Can we stop calling it anti-aging? Five steps to live your best life right now.

Anti-aging. That term is everywhere and it freaks me the hell out. Does that mean that we don’t want to age? And unless you are a vampire doesn’t that mean you’re DEAD?

I get it that we live in a youth-obsessed culture, and when I was young I didn’t think twice about it. (But how about the latest trend where young people are dying their hair gray? Hooray and thank you for normalizing gray hair!) But when I hear the term (like, everywhere, all the time) I feel like it smacks of desperation and denial.

Burn the boat | Get rid of your plan b

Burn the boat | Get rid of your plan b

“The time is now to chuck the Plan B life you are living. It’s not what you’re here for.” -Allison

Walsh “Decide what to be and go be it.” -Avett Brothers (+ Allison Walsh)

Are you living your Plan B life? 

I was. For years. 

I Believe...

I Believe...

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”
-Henry David Thoreau (+ Allison Walsh)