Burn the boat | Get rid of your plan b

“The time is now to chuck the Plan B life you are living. It’s not what you’re here for.”
-Allison Walsh
“Decide what to be and go be it.”
-Avett Brothers

Are you living your Plan B life? 

I was. For years. 

The truth is, I felt a little bit guilty when I started getting restless. I felt stuck in my corporate career. I was working my plan B job and as a result living a very unfulfilled plan B life. But it was a lovely life, by virtually anyone’s standards. I had a beautiful house and a dog and two cats, a gorgeous wardrobe, lots of amazing friends and a crazy high income. I had everything (except my true love, he came later.)

But then I realized I’m a Wildflower. All of this (gestures wildly about) started with my own personal Wildflower Uprising. I remember when I realized I am a Wildflower. To this moment I remember the exact instant when I realized that I’m a gypsy who wants to live all over the place, and to work when and wherever I want.  It happened on the dock at the lake, talking to a wise man, an adopted uncle who has known me my entire life. He challenged me, I defended my choices. Then I realized he saw me, like SAW me. He very lovingly pointed out that I was playing it safe. All of it. My whole life. And once that understanding revealed itself, I understood that I have expertise to share with others. I realized I want to change lives, and refused to believe that it was a naive dream.

It was TECTONIC shift stuff, and it changed my life forever.

So I started my own personal Wildflower Uprising and did it in two phases. First I quit the corporate grind and became a consultant. I hung out there for years and it definitely helped calm my need for freedom. For a while, at least. But then I realized that while I had a lot more freedom, I really wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing. It was still Plan B stuff.

So then I deconstructed it, and rebuilt it – way, way better. I sold the house and moved back to the place where I’m from (Montana – where my heart lives), fell in love with my dream guy, and started building my dream business. A business where women figure out what they are supposed to be doing, support each other, push each other when it’s warranted, celebrate each other’s victories and big wins, and nurture one another through tough times.

And that’s where you come in, my darling Wildflower friend. If any of this sounds like you, then you are a Wildflower, sweetie. And we are starting a revolution. You can do this, I promise. How do I know? Because I did. I thought it was too late, but whoa mama, it wasn’t.

And it’s not too late for you, either.

I can tell you that living this Plan A life is not without it’s scary times and challenges, but it’s amazing in its clarity and freedom.  

We’re starting an uprising. Want to join?

The Wildflower Uprising is a collective of women who ask deep questions and aren’t afraid of travelingwide and far (and IN) for the answers. Wildflowers help each other and take care of each other, and fearlessly fight for what they love and want to protect. The Wildflower Uprising is about building your legacy business, but ever so much more. It’s about finding a seriously kick ass inner circle community who all want the same thing for each other – Happy! Joy! Success! There’s no room for jealousy or small, scarcity thinking in the Uprising. It’s a kind, high energy, booty kicking place where wildest dreams take shape and become reality.  And we’re waiting for you!

Allison Walsh

Since graduating from law school more than 20 years ago, I have worked in and around the legal industry, helping businesses cut through the noise and find their marketing sweet spots. Want to turn your firm’s volume WAY up? I can help!