Just start (and breathe)

Hello my sweet Wildflowers!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the stuck-rut we all find ourselves in on occasion. Stuck in a relationship that's not working, stuck in a job that crushes the soul, stuck in inertia, unable to get the ball rolling on a business idea. (Ahem.)

I was recently interviewed by a dear friend and sister entrepreneur, Lou Blaser, who founded Second Breaks. She's a super talented interviewer and it was really fun to talk about my two businesses there. You can find that interview here:

Second Breaks - Wildflower Interview

What I realized when I watched the playback was that we talked about success and fears and catalysts, but didn't talk about how to get unstuck and get the ball rolling. Probably because the answer is so easy.

You just start. 

You wake up every day and write or read or make the phone calls that have to be made and you do something, ANYTHING, every day.

Even if you have a J.O.B., even if you have a family and little kids and dogs to walk and parents to check in on. Every day, even if it's five minutes. Do it for you, for those your business will serve.

Do it for the love, momma. 

You know how you can hear a message a zillion times but it's just easier to ignore it? Ya. I was getting bombarded with messages that were literally coming at me LITERALLY and saying this:

  • Do yoga
  • Meditate
  • Read informative books
  • Journal
  • Get up earlier
  • Stick to a predictable routine

I finally decided to listen to these messages. Honestly, I almost feel like I no longer had a choice. They kept getting louder, it was going to either annoy the hell out of me or I could stop ignoring and do the damn things. The final straw was when five people completely independent of each other recommended The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. So I read it. Guess what it says?...

  • Get up earlier
  • Meditate
  • Repeat affirmations
  • Visualize your ideal life
  • Exercise
  • Read
  • Journal

(I told you it was getting LITERAL.)

The author goes heavy into defining your "why", - what you're here for, what's your "why" for your life, what gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you lit up all day long.  But I have a different take on the royal WHY...

Your "why" doesn't have to be your life's purpose. Trying to figure that out has stalled a lot of mighty brilliant people. It can simply be what's lighting you up today.

The real point of the "why" question is bringing what you are excited about to the very top of your daily priorities, getting real about how you want to feel, and saying no to things that don't serve that. Otherwise, just getting up and trying to force enthusiasm about your day is going to get old, and fast.

Since I started this routine my life has changed for the better, rapidly and significantly. I'm so grateful. And on days when I don't do it, I'm all discombobulated. I should also say that I was a confirmed, card carrying night owl before I started The Miracle Morning.  I feel like I can safely say that if I can do it, anyone can at least give it a go. 

But before you do, give your "today's why" some thought. 

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