So, you think you failed on your product launch?

You decided what your first side-hustle product will be. You worked late hours and early mornings to get it set up and priced right. You crafted the perfect sales landing page. You announced it to great fanfare. Friends, family, and followers all jumped for joy with you. Congratulations all around, you did it!

And then? Nothing. No one signed up. You built it, and no one came.

It was a complete failure, right?

Um, wrong. 

If you promote the heck out of that offer in every conceivable platform for 18 months and THEN no one signs up, then yes, that particular offer was a failure. (But not you, and not your business.) Anyway, that's not going to happen. 

Eighteen months. A year and a half. That's how long it takes AFTER you launch the offer to make it successful. 

Let's get creative about promoting that offer

Here are some ideas for how you can promote your offer that will help get some eyeballs on it:

  • Advertising: Buy a FB, Instagram or LinkedIn ad
  • Radio: Depending on your audience, radio is a really good way to get your product promoted
  • Free video webinar: Create a series of SHORT (like, 6 minute) videos that push the viewer to your sales page
  • Re-targeting ads: Again, depending on your offering, this is a super "sticky" way to get eyes on your offer
  • Social media: Honestly, I am assuming you are promoting the heck out of your offer on your social media platforms. Don't overlook Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!
  • Buy a list: Some industries are well served by list aggregators
  • Create value added free content: If you write an eBook (for instance), you can give that away for free and push people to your sales page that way. Other value added content could be white papers, videos (see above), checklists, surveys, quizzes, workbooks, etc
  • Cross-promotion: Work out a cross promotion plan with someone who has a big following of people who are a good crossover with your audience

The bottom line is that, for a successful product/offer launch, you have to put 90% of your effort into promoting it, and 10% in the offer itself. And if that seems like a lot of work, it really is. But the outcome of building a gorgeous, relevant offer for your audience and then getting it delivered is exactly why we're here, right? Holla!

Way to go, Wildflower!




Allison Walsh

Since graduating from law school more than 20 years ago, I have worked in and around the legal industry, helping businesses cut through the noise and find their marketing sweet spots. Want to turn your firm’s volume WAY up? I can help!