I Believe...

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”
-Henry David Thoreau 

I believe:

  • That in order to live the life we are supposed to live, it’s helpful to wake up every day with intention and fall asleep with gratitude.
  • In white dishes so you can dress up your table with fun linens, flowers, organic elements. The one exception? And entire cabinet of crazy, colorful, patterned, mismatched coffee mugs.
  • In music in the background, always always.
  • In working in 90 minute segments, then taking a 20 minute break. It’s proven, yo.
  • In only having crisp white linens on the bed, and then adjusting the weight of the comforter according to the season. Ooh! And in blue walls in the bedroom. I painted my bedroom the most beautiful blue (Sherwin Williams Dutch Tile Blue to be exact) and started sleeping better. True story.
  • In some form of daily meditation, no matter how quickly it is executed. It might be a mantra you repeat on your morning walk with the dog, or while the coffee is brewing. Meditation changes your neural pathways and has the power up-level your life and change the whole world. Why not try it out?
  • In the calming effect of Lyle Lovett’s voice.
  • That if you are looking for true love it will find you, right around the point where you become totally, 100% good with who you are. Cellulite, curly hair, and all. (Or you know, whatever used to bug you about you.)
  • In not eating processed food. As close to ever as is humanly possible. And in eating seasonally. Viva l’Italia!
  • In high end perfume, so you don’t smell like 1) chemicals; 2) department stores; 3) everyone else.
  • That animals are kind and deserve to live lives that are free and free of cruelty. Even (and especially) if they are eventually a source of food for us. No living creature deserves to suffer.
  • In looking the people you really love in the eye, and saying “I love you.” And in never saying “but” after it. Never, ever.
  • That people who raise their children to participate in our human community in meaningful and productive ways are the heroes of our time.
  • That it’s our obligation to be present on this Earth and be a good person. Not because religion dictates it but because it’s right to be good. And it’s more fun than the alternative.
  • In traveling the world, in order to see that other humans on this planet that we share have the same aspirations as we do: To find love, to be comfortable, to provide for their families, to pave the way for their children to have good lives, to leave behind legacies that are admirable. Traveling shows us that we are more same than different, and that’s good for peace. Mark Twain said it best: "Travel is fatal to prejudice." 
  • That it’s a gift to yourself to forgive...forgiveness is for you, not them.
  • That forgiving someone doesn’t mean they are good for you. You aren’t obligated to have someone in your life if they make you feel badly. It doesn’t matter if you remove them from your life or they remove you, if you dig in and really examine how you feel, and realize that you feel better with them gone, then it’s best that way.
  • That some people will bring out uncharacteristically bad behavior in you. (Hint, it’s usually people who know you really well.) Knock that shit off and if you can’t knock it off, then see the item above about removing yourself from that person’s path. Yes, even if they are family. 
  • That even if you are shy and/or introverted, you are brilliant and interesting. You have something to say that people want to hear. It’s your obligation to find a way to have your voice be heard.
  • That your thoughts dictate how you feel. You CAN change how you feel if you change your thoughts.
  • That everyone has a superpower. And a gift that they are here on this planet to share.

What’s your superpower? What do you believe? Please leave a comment below!

Allison Walsh

Since graduating from law school more than 20 years ago, I have worked in and around the legal industry, helping businesses cut through the noise and find their marketing sweet spots. Want to turn your firm’s volume WAY up? I can help!