What Happens in The Wildflower Uprising?:

The Wildflower Uprising is about taking action, being deeply connected, and participating in a community of kick-ass inner circle of women who are just as on fire as you.   As a member of the Uprising you will work to excavate and cultivate your best ideas and have access to tools, support, and ideas that will help you turn them into brilliant businesses. 

You CAN build your legacy business, and The Wildflower Uprising curriculum supports you with innovative business tools and advice, inspiration and encouragement, and a unique framework to help you implement your dream business. 

The first course, Build Your Legacy Business, is launching soon, and includes: 

  • Participation in a exclusive inner circle of powerhouse women who are lifting each other up and building beautiful legacy businesses

  • Guidance on how to excavate and cultivate your best business ideas

  • Exclusive access to innovative business tools and advice, including and a tailored step by step framework for all of the stages of launching and maintaining your dream business

The Uprising is just getting started and early adopters are finding their way to our Wildflower field! The best way to stay apprised of upcoming events is to sign up for the newsletter - that's where all of the announcements and eyes only information goes.