Gypsy Life Getaway - Commence!

It's decided!

In a year from now, Isaac & I are grabbing our dog O'Malley and will head out on the road. We've researched and pursued a variety of options but always come back to Airstream. And so, with a dream and a plan, we begin the culling process. 

The banner above was designed by my uber-talented designer, Jess at June Letters Studio. I'm using it on August 9 (and more dates tbd) at the Salt Lake Urban Flea Market. There, I'm selling clothes, shoes, boots, household items and other things that no longer serve me. 

I wish I could effectively explain how much of a departure this is for me. I love my "stuff", it once defined me (or so I thought). It's all high end, designer, gorgeous. Some lucky people will be getting great deals on beautiful things! But I'm ready to say goodbye and thank it for the role it once played. I am so incredibly clear on the need to minimize. I've had real awareness for the past couple years that my "stuff" had somehow migrated from bringing happiness to triggering stress. (Especially since we downsized homes when we moved to Salt Lake.)

I don't know how long we'll be on the road. The wind will let us know when it's time. 

Are you ready to downsize? Have you already done it? Please share your experience with us in the comments below!




Allison Walsh

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