The Capsule Office™ - Operation Airstream and Business on the Road


The minimalist movement happening worldwide is so compelling to me that I've decided to try it for myself. I've purchased the Kon-Mari book, follow minimalist-movement pages on Facebook, and am detecting a theme on my Pinterest boards. I am am currently in the process of selling and donating the stuff until I'm down to a bare minimum. I love the idea that when all of our excess things are stripped away, it's just us left over. With our ideas and beliefs and people (and animals). Well, and sports equipment (let's be realistic here).  I finally accept the fact that my things got in the way of my being, consumerism got in the way of real life. Now, mind you, I still like nice things and wherever I am, there is certain amount of luxury I enjoy. In other words, I'm not going to be in a sleeping bag on the floor of my house. Just saying.

Capsule Wardrobe

As part of the process, for the upcoming spring/summer season I'm trying out the idea of a capsule wardrobe. The concept is this...40 items, including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. Everything. (Notes for the millionth time that I will be doing laundry a lot more often.) My warm-weather spring/summer "uniform" is shaping up to be cute tees, denim tops, skirts, an occasional kimono, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops and sneakers. (There will be posts and photos. Stay tuned!)


The Capsule Office™

It's all in preparation for the next stage of life, which involves trimming my life, my guy's life, and our dog into approximately 250 square feet. That's right, we are actively working toward our dream of heading out onto the open road in an Airstream trailer. And that triggered an idea: because necessity is the mother of invention, what we are developing is a capsule office methodology for nomads. The end result - a way to seamlessly work office essentials that support my two businesses and my fella's photography business - will be a method that can be copied by our fellow gypsies, who are readying themselves to take their show on the road. For our capsule office to work, I'm contemplating the bare essentials necessary to operate from an Airstream. What can and should be digitized? What are the best tools, equipment and resources for minimizing my office footprint? And, what can I simply not live without? 


The Kon-Mari Method

The next blog is about winnowing down the stuff in my house. There will be tears, and pictures. Watch for the updates here and join the mailing list if you want early announcements and even more up close and personal on The Wildflower Uprising and Operation Airstream!

Allison Walsh

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